What is WhatsApp Chat Widget?

WhatsApp Chat Widget is a Shopify app that allows your visitors and customers to get in touch with your business through WhatsApp buttons on product page, home page, and other selected pages on the Shopify store. Customers can choose a specific shop assistant to chat with, which also helps store owners get their WhatsApp phone numbers and get back to them easily.

Can I add my own avatar, logo, or icons?

Yes, WhatsApp Chat Widget allows you to upload your profile picture, or select an existing shop logo image. You can also add your name, title, and conversation starter.

Can I customize the working hours or opening hours available to my customers?

Yes, you can add your custom availability schedule for you, shop assistants, and other support members. This can include options like online status, displaying working hours, time left until the next opening date/time, custom notice on your days off, etc.

Does it support multiple languages?

Yes, it works with many Shopify translate apps. Moreover, you can add your new translation strings through the app settings.

Does it work with WhatsApp Business?

Yes, this app works with “WA Business” accounts.

Since the WhatsApp number of business account has the same phone format with the personal account, there's no difference in setting it up.

For instance, if Account A is personal, and B is business. When a customer chooses to chat via +83xxxxxxxxx, you will receive the messages in WhatsApp (regular app). Otherwise, when they choose to chat via +83yyyyyyyyy, you will receive their messages in WA Business app.

Is the WhatsApp Chat app free to use?

Yes, you can use it for free.

If you like this app, you can check out our variation swatches app which is free to install:

I’ve just switched to another theme then my WhatsApp options don’t work…

No worries, just send us a message and we'll be happy to troubleshoot further!

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