Intro to Vario

The Vario Shopify App allows you to transform product variations into customizable buttons, patterns, colors, custom images, automated variant image swatches, and also dropdown lists.

Here’s what you can do with Vario:

  • Set style for each product option

  • Customize all swatch styles in a central app settings panel

  • Automatically populate Shopify product variant images as image swatches

  • Display color and image swatches on product pages and/or collections pages

Demo - View example store

Product page | Collections page | Home page

Password: 1

Expected Outcome

1. Product page

Browse product pages from your storefront, shop, or collections and see the new product options’ variant swatch styles.

Here’s how the designed swatches might look like on your product page.

2. Collection page

  1. Home page

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