Learn more on the themes and apps that can be integrated with Vario

Theme Compatibility

Variation swatches on product pages

Vario seamlessly integrates to 80+ Shopify themes and counting.

This compatibility means you can show all styles of swatches on every single product page of these themes:

  • Shopify Theme Store’s free themes: Dawn, Debut, Venture, Boundless, Brooklyn, Simple, Supply, Minimal, Express, Narrative, Ride, Colorblock, Taste, Studio, Craft, Crave, and Sense.

  • Shopify Theme Store’s paid themes: Impulse, Prestige, Warehouse, Streamline, Motion, Expanse, Empire, Symmetry, Blockshop, Broadcast, Alchemy, Artisan, Atlantic, Avatar, Avenue, Baseline, Beyond, Boost, California, Canopy, Capital, Cascade, Context, District, Editions, Emerge, Envy, Editorial, Expression, Fashionopolism, Flow, Focal, Foodie, Fresh, Galleria, Grid, Handy, Highlight, Icon, Ira, Kagami, Kingdom, Label, Launch, Loft, Lorenza, Masonry, Maker, Mobilia, Modular, Mr Parker, Palo Alto, Parallax, Pipeline, Providence, Reach, Responsive, Retina, Showcase, ShowTime, Spark, Split, Startup, Story, Sunrise, Testament, Trademark, Vantage, Venue, Booster (by theme-peach), and more.

  • Third-party Shopify themes: Ella, Blackery, Debutify, Flex (by Out of the Sandbox), Avone (by adornthemes), Kalles, Bachi, and more.

Variation swatches on collections pages

Vario app comes with collections swatches as well. However, this feature is only applicable for those themes which were officially installed from the Shopify Theme Store.

If you want to implement color and image swatches on Collections page and Home page, it requires manual code modification. In this case, please contact us to get support.

Quick view and other modules of product forms

Quick view, quick shop, filtering & search, related product modules, and similar sections are partly supported by Vario.

We’re planning to add more third-party compatible themes to Vario customizable swatches. If you have any popular Shopify themes and templates in use, you can reach out to us and suggest them.

Third-Party App Compatibility

Third-party app integration could be done upon request. However, it is a local patch rather than versatile compatibility.

Here are some known partly compatible apps:

  • Transcy: We'll add custom code to make Vario work with Transcy. This requires a bit of manual translations on your end. Learn more →

  • PageFly: Vario's variation swatches should work in the Product Details element of PageFly. Please try it out and if you got issues, please send us screenshots, we’ll look into it.

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