Release notes of Vario ‑ Variation Swatches
2023-2-21 - version 2.5
  • Improved: Swatch hover effect for image thumbnail (Due to deprecating support in newer mobile browser versions, swatch hover effect now only works on desktop devices)
2022-12-30 - version 2.4
  • New feature: Built-in translation fields to allow you to translate variant label strings into different languages
2022-12-19 - version 2.3
  • Optimized: Refresh/update variant options
2022-11-14 - version 2.2.1
  • Updated: Updates required for embedded apps to work on the new Shopify admin domain
2022-04-05 - version 2.2
  • New feature: Limit the number of swatches/buttons on collection page
2022-03-03 - version 2.1
  • New feature: Collection page swatch customizer
  • New feature: Enhanced product picture on collection page
  • New feature: Add bigger size for swatches on product page
2022-02-11 - version 2.0
  • New feature: Hide out-of-stock variant swatches (once a customer interacts with a variant swatch)
  • New feature: Sold-out designer tool to allow you to change the appearances of sold-out variant swatches
  • Updated: Subscription plans which allow premium users to use the latest features added to version 2.0 and above
  • Optimized: Collection pages' swatches
  • Optimized: Swatch live preview in admin dashboard
2021-12-14 - version 1.5
  • Optimized: Compatible with T Lab ‑ AI Language Translate app
  • Optimized: Work with Shopify Plus store site redirect
2021-10-15 - version 1.4
  • New feature: Collections page support to help variant swatches show on category level
  • Optimized: Compatible with Transcy - Language Translate & Currency app
  • Optimized: Theme class detection to cover and support more third-party themes
2021-09-24 - version 1.3
  • New feature: Enhanced image size options for automated variant image swatches
  • New feature: Preset color HEX for standard color names
  • New feature: SVG filetype to upload to custom image swatches
2021-08-28 - version 1.2
  • New feature: Background sync to automatically allow product variant updates without manually clicking Refresh button
  • Optimized: Faster element loading performance
2021-07-23 - version 1.1
  • New feature: Automated variant image swatches
  • Optimized: New swatch border double style
2021-07-08 - version 1.0
  • Initial release