Pricing plans of Vario

Pick up Vario ‑ Variation Swatches and get all of these great features.

Please note:

We do have a special early bird plan which is called Early Verse. In this plan, early merchants can use Vario including all of its 1.x features completely for free as long as they have the app installed on their store. Once an early merchant deletes the app, it means the store is no longer on Early Verse plan.

If you are an early merchant and already upgrade to Vario premium plan but then you want to cancel the subscription and revert to Early Verse, please contact us to get help.

Good to know:

  • Early Verse is reserved only for early adopters, and it no longer accepts new merchants.

  • From version 2.0 onwards, any stores that installs the app will enter a 14-day free trial.

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