Frequently asked questions for EXPO app

❓ Does the app support inventory tracking?

Inventory tracking is not supported because the new options are attached to the existing products. Meaning if the product is unavailable, the extra options are unavailable as well.

Also, the extra product options are not standalone products, so they don’t have SKUs.

I’ve just added the first option and I can’t add display options to it…

With EXPO, our workflow is that the first option will be the one to trigger further options.

It means upon product assignment, the first option would be always shown as there are no other options to affect its visibility.

If that is your very first option, we suggest removing the condition. And carry on adding a second option, you then can set up its conditional display based on the first one.

How do I put new options on a product page?

From your current option set, please go to the Products tab, and assign the whole option set to selected products, or bulk-select products using filters.

How to add avatar images to custom option items on checkout page?

At this time it is not possible to add thumbnail to custom item. You can learn more and get updated about this thread at Shopify community discussion.

Is EXPO free to use?

It’s forever free for early merchants. This means if you already got EXPO's Early plan on your store, you won't have to pay for any monthly subscription fees. Cheers!

How do I know if EXPO works for my current theme?

You can find an extensive list of EXPO’s compatible themes here: EXPO Compatibility.

Can’t find your theme in the list? Don’t fret, just contact us to see if we can figure it out.

❓ Can I add this app to a theme that is not live yet?

Sorry, the app only works on published theme, it can't show on theme trial or preview.

If you need help with setting it up on a new theme, we can help make sure the options work correctly on your new theme. Just get in touch with us using email or chat box.

I’ve just switched to another theme then my product options and image swatches don’t work…

No worries, firstly, please try reloading the app. If the issue persists, just get in touch with us via email.

❓ How to make the options and the extras added onto a product show up on my packing slips?

The post-purchase is pretty much handled by Shopify itself, so it’s currently not allowing us to add our additional info to the main product line item.

That being said, if the product option makes a single “row” in the cart, then their additional options are not showing in email templates and packing slips.

But if the custom options are price adjustments, and the product option makes another “row", it means the extra line item and its additional info can be shown on the packing slips.

Have other questions? Just contact us.

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