Quick start guide

Getting started with EXPO ‑ Extra Product Options

Here are the basic steps to get started using EXPO ‑ Extra Product Options:

  1. Create a new option set.

  2. Add those options that belong to this option set.

  3. (Optional): Add actions, or price adjustment rules, to your new option set.

  4. Assign this option set to your products based on manual selection or product type/tag/vendor. Be sure to Sync products when you've made updates to your product listings.

  5. (Optional): Go to Settings tab to configure other global settings:

    • Edit text translations.

    • Enable multi-currency functionality.

    • Show the fee and pricing subtotal amount on product page.

  6. To apply these changes to your live store, please enable EXPO in your theme's App embeds.

  7. Check the status of your option set and view the product page on the front-end. If they don’t, you might need to contact support via the in-app chat box.

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